Gray Body Calculator (version 2.0)

lambda (µm) weight
sensor response curve
1. First, use the large pull-down-list at the top to select the type of computation you wish to make.
2. Square check-boxes control which parameters are considered in the computation. Parameters which are always used do not have a square check-box. If a square check-box is not checked, the associated controls disappear to indicate they are inactive.
3. When computing a single value, the round radio-buttons select which parameter to compute. The round radio-button disappears if a parameter is inactive, can not be solved for, or you have selected to compute a table of true temperatures.
4. Type known parameter values in their text-boxes.
5. The small pull-down-lists select temperature and length units.
6. Finally, press the "compute" button. This may take a while, so please be patient!
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