The Sword

The sword has been around for thousands of years. It has mainly been used for battle. The sword has three main parts the blade, the handle, and the hand guard. The sword was usually made from all iron. Some swords, although rare, have a wooden handle and hand guard. The sword was made by forging a piece of melted iron in to a blade shape. Then it had a handle added on to it if it was not forged with the rest of the blade. Then it was sharpened with a large stone so it was razor sharp. The way it was used was with a swinging motion or a thrusting motion in with an upward motion. The swinging motion was used when coming down on an enemies neck or head. The thrusting motion was used when stabbing an enemy.  Also this motion was used when trying to get in under an enemy's armor. The upward motion was used when making an attempt to block an enemy's attack.