What I learned

        When I started I knew that these weapons had been around for hundreds of years. The earliest weapons were made from stones and wood. Then they evolved into wood and iron. And finally into all iron, also that they were almost always used for war and combat. Early in the middle ages the sword and the long bow were most commonly used.

       The sword is a fairly simple one, two or three part weapon. It consisted of a Blade, A handle and a hand guard. In the early Middle Ages the swords were made out of mostly iron, but some times they had a wooden handle. The sword was also very efficient on the battle field and was fairly simple to make. This weapon was probably the most respected and effective weapon in these times. I say this because every one on the battle field carried one. This weapon has claimed very many human and animal lives. The sword is used in three main ways. The way it was used was with a swinging motion or a thrusting motion and with an upward motion. The swinging motion was used when coming down on an enemy’s neck or head. The thrusting motion was used when stabbing an enemy.  Also this motion was used when trying to get in under an enemy's armor. The upward motion was used when making an attempt to block an enemy's attack.

       The long bow is a pretty simple weapon. It has survived through all these ages and is still used today. The bow only consists of two parts. The string. And the back. The bow was believed to first be used as a musical instrument. Now today and hundreds of ago it was turned into a weapon of war and hunting. The bow now is made of fiberglass and sometimes of wood. But hundreds of years ago it was made out of warped wood and string. It was used in one of two ways on horse back or standing. The way you shoot a bow is by drawing the string.

       The war hammer was a very nice weapon. It could kill an enemy without puncturing an enemy’s armor. It was a simple weapon, only two parts. The head and the handle. It has the basic shape of a house hammer but multiplied by about five or six. The war hammer was very very cheap to make and effective when used. It is used like a sword. It

        The cross bow was fairly complex. It has five parts. The lever, the string, The Main Board, And the bow back. It has been used for hundreds of years and is very effective. It had the same effect as the long bow but a lot more power. The cross bow was about 1/3 the size of a traditional long bow. The cross bow was used by pulling the string back and locking it in place. Then the person loaded the bolt “arrow” and then pulled the lever and fired it.

        The last weapon was the halberd. It has the same structure as a war hammer. And the same look. The halberd is even made the same. But there are only two differences. One is the halberd sometimes has a blade like an axe on the front. But the major difference is there is a large three to four inch spike located on the back. It was also used the same.