Say What?

How do you pronounce Moluccan?

We have talked to people all over the United States and the world who claim to know the proper pronunciation of ‘Moluccan.’ From breeders to rescuers, they all seem to have slightly different takes on the pronunciation.

Moluccan is a word that means ‘Malaku’ in Bahasa Indonesia. Malaku is the province where this salmon-crested cockatoo is from. The forests of the island of Seram, Malaku, Indonesia is where the wild Moluccan cockatoo calls home.

Malaku in ‘bahasa’ Indonesian (literally ‘indonesian language’) means ‘land of many kings.’ That, of course, includes the pink king of the jungle, this Moluccan Cockatoo, where the natives call them ‘kakatua putih’ or ‘white cockatoo’ (as opposed to black cockatoo from nearby Irian Jaya/Papua, New Guinea).

So 'moluccan' is then simply an anglicization of ‘malaku,’ except that it’s not really an anglicization because it wasn’t the British who first colonized there but rather the Dutch followed by just about every remaining country in the Old World and hence the term ‘land of many kings.’ So rightfully, ‘Moluccan’ is pronounced however the person speaking it wishes to pronounce it. The various pronounciations, that we are aware of so far, are summarized as follows:

Muh LUCK in
Muh LUKE in
Mull UH kin
Moll ukkin
and even
Mo LU can

At the Moluccan Cockatoo Society, we took a vote on how to pronounce it and we feel we’re authorities on the subject and we voted for Muh LUCK in.

So how do you say Moluccan? Muh LUCK in. Or however you want. Just don’t think that if you say it different than everyone else that you know something we don’t because we’ve heard it all!

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