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HIPAA Compliance

Dr. Sanjay Saxena and Star Coding, Inc. are committed to operating and complying with ALL HIPAA guidelines.

Coding and documentation are based on well established principles. These can be applied to a patient's office note, or hospital record without divulging patient specific identifiers, or other protected health information.


All lectures provided will discuss these principles in detail, and use case scenarios without patient specific identifiers. Therefore, no patient confidentiality will be affected.

  • Any records that will be requested for review should be photocopies of the actual patient record.
  • Before transfer of the record, all patient specific information such as name, date of birth, social security number should be removed.
  • A random number should be assigned to the note being reviewed so that the treating physician can later match the note to the appropriate patient.
  • Dr. Sanjay Saxena will be the only one at Star Coding, Inc. that will have any access to or review patient information. There are no other business partners or associates.
Transmitting Information:
  • To further protect all patient information, and abide by HIPAA guidelines, First class mail would be preferable when records are sent.
  • Alternatively, confidential faxes may be used.
  • When the need arises discussions may be held by phone to discuss details of the appropriate coding and documentation.
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