The Geiser Manufacturing Company History

1826 - Peter Geiser - Born March 26,1826 on Father's farm one half mile west of Smithsburg, Maryland.

1852 - October - First Geiser patent for a thresher, Separator, Cleaner and Conveyer.

It was tested on his father's farm in Smithsburg, MD.

1854 - First Geiser Separator build and sold three additional machines build and sold, one being displayed at the Hagerstown Fair in Hagerstown, MD.

1855 - Machines build in "shops" on Geiser farm at Smithsburg with two employees.

Geiser patent on automatic or self-regulating blast issued. Entered into a agreement with Jones & Miller of Hagerstown MD. to manufacture separator.

1858 - Arranged with George Frick to build Geiser Separators at his small shop in Ringgold, MD. ( About 5 miles north of Smithsburg)

1860 - George Frick moves to Waynesboro PA. to build Frick Steam Engines and Geiser Separators. John A. Snider builds Geiser units at Mt. Joy PA., A.B. Farguahar at York PA. and J. A. Peters at Middletown DE.

1866 - Geiser, Price and Co. was formed in Waynesboro PA. by Daniel Geiser, Benjamin E. Price, Jacob F. Oller and Josiah Fahrney. Peter Geiser assumed supervision of manufacturing and conveyed all patent rights to the firm.

The shop are the old Frick shops on the west side of Broad St. in Waynesboro when Frick builds new shops on other side of Broad St.

1869 - A stock company, The Geiser Manufacturing Co. was incorporated. The stockholder were Daniel Geiser, B. E. Price, Josiah Fahrney, J. F. Oller, Daniel Hoover, John Phillips, A. D. Morganthall, A. E. Price, Joseph Price and Samuel Hoeflich. The company began with capital of $134,600 and new buildings were erected. 400 machines sold in the first year with employment of 175 men.

1879 - The Geiser Manufacturing Co. purchases the Steam Engine works of F.F. & A.B. Landis of Lancaster PA.

1881 - First "Peerless" Steam Engine build by Geiser Manufacturing Co.

1882 - Fire destroys Geiser Works - Much larger plant build following the erection of temporary building which allowed production to resume after a few weeks.

1884 - Peerless Steam Plow was developed.

1901 - Peter Geiser Died.

1912 - The Geiser Manufacturing Co. is sold to Emerson - Brantingham Co. of Rockford IL.

1925 - Emerson - Brantingham Co. has sale and The Geiser Mfg. Co. is sold to a group of investors from Waynesboro PA.

1939 - The Geiser Manufacturing Co. - Bankrupt hearing on petition to sell all assets

1940 - Building destroyed by fire as M. N. Landay Co. of Pittsburgh PA. was in the process of removing obsolete equipment. The glow of the fire could be seen for over forty miles.